Monday, July 30, 2012

Diva in Training

 A few days before Olive's 3rd birthday we made a visit to Claire's to get her ears pierced. While I was a mess (there may have been some tears!) she was a rock star.

 And...the video to prove it.

To complete the diva treatment we visited the hair salon...

And finished it off with a #3 balloon.

Tahoe in February

In February we headed up to Tahoe for a quick weekend of R&R.

Customary stop at Islands.


The kids ride the luggage cart up to the room.

We met up with (the other) Cecchins - fun!

Olive and Clara.

Joey and Nikos.

On the way too the pool.

Post swim.

Olive and Molly watching the older kids sled.

Guess which one of these kids is faking sleep...

Quick walk to breakfast.

Waiting for breakfast.

The shakes arrive.

Coyote sighting on the walk back!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The 7 Year Itch (or WAHOO we outlasted TomKat!)

Happy 7th Anniversary to Us! Please enjoy these pics from our fabulous wedding week in Hawaii - who wants to go back??

Tyke & I in SFO in the Buena Vista before our flight to Kauai.

Mai tais on the plane!

We (and by we I mean ME) guessed the right answer for when the plane would be halfway between California and Hawaii! Bottle of champagne for us!

Maile (our Flower Girl!) and I.

The view.

The lovebirds.

Zipline Adventure! Me (obsessed with wearing strapless shirts), Tyke, Sarah, guide, Irene, Jeff, Jack & Katie.

 Jeff, Sarah, Jack, Katie and Tyke.

Sarah, Katie and I.

 Party at the wedding party condo! Tyke and his mom

Groomsmen! Dave, Jeff, Steve, Jack

The lovely ladies! Katie, Sarah, Robin, me & Gail

Tyke and his dad

 Napali Coast snorkeling trip

Rehearsal Dinner! Sarah and I

 Katie and I

Gail, Katie & I

 Robin & I

Aunt Barb & Aunt Con

Aunt Con & Frank


 Christian & I

Anut Sandy & Mich

 Kristin and I

 Aunt Barb, Aunt Con, Frank, Mom, Christian and Dad

Annette and I

Maile and I

 Linda and I
Sam and I
 Michael and Christina

 Mel and I

 Vernie and Mel

 Vernie and I

 Jeff & Tyke

 Tyke  & I

 Happy 7 years!